Adding Response Options

One thing I didn’t cover in my previous tutorials, is how to add an option to your responses. This allows you to have even more flexibility in how creating your workflows. One base example is the Show Message response. It has a single option. Which is the message text you want to display. For this example, lets make a response set a field on the Customer record when the user goes to send for approval.

More Options!

To add an option to a response we will have to add a new field to table Workflow Step Argument (table 1523). The field we want to add is the option or augment you want control over in your response. So lets add a field called “Customer Block” of option type. Of the options lets have the same options as the block field on the customer table (<blank>, Ship, Invoice, All).


Next we are have to display this field on the Workflow Response Options Page (page 1523).  First add a new group set its indent level to 3. Your new group should be inside the top level group which is inside the container. The only property you need to change in your group is the visibility. Set it to

For different groups you are going to need to pick different numbers. I find setting the group number to the same ID as your option helps with debugging later if you have any problems. Once you have your new group you need to add the field you added to the Workflow Step Argument table.


All the data is setup. Next is to have our response know about this option so we can use it. When making our response, the only thing we have to do differently is pass in the Option Group Code.


Before we would pass in an empty string because we didn’t need any parameters to show up. The 50000 needs to be the same number that you set on the visibility parameter on the Workflow Response Options page.  Here is the full code for our response:


For our workflow step we are going to use a step from a previous post. With the step and response created we can make our workflow. Open up a new workflow and the new things we just created. When you go to add the response you will now see an option field. The same one we added a to the Workflow Response Option page.


Once you have your workflow done. Enable it. Then test it out. When ever you make a new customer the blocked field should now be set to whatever you set to in your response.

Response options give you even more control over your workflows. They also let you make more generic responses. This in turn lets the user be able to configure more the system and saves you work from created a response for each possible combination of things (imagine making a response for each new message you want to be displayed? Would not be viable).


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