Blogging Away

I had always wanted to blog, but never knew where to start. I had just finished school, so now was time to get started (spending 10 hours a day at college, plus having a part time job didn’t leave a lot of time for other stuff). A co-worker had taken an email course to get his blog up and running. So I decided to follow suit. This course is provided free by John Sonmez at Simple Programmer.

Each week there are two lessons that are easy enough to do in the time provided. The course will get you started with picking out a theme (theme about your content, not a WordPress theme) and then eventually looking at ways to boost your traffic.  There are usually little homework assignments to do,these are just so John knows you are actually following the course. These assignments are also easy to follow and take very little time.

If you are looking at starting a blog I would highly suggest following his course. I have a few more lessons to do, but already I can tell that I know enough to have a successful blog up and running, as long as I keep at it.

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