Preparing for Project “Maderia”

So Microsoft just let us have a sneak peak at what they are building next. Project “Maderia”. For those that haven’t seen the demo yet you can check it out here.  It looks similar to Nav but with a few different tweaks here and there. The only thing we know so far development wise is that you can ONLY add extensions. That means no changing the base functionality. So how can Nav dev teams prepare for Project “Maderia”?

Since you can only add on new functionality and not change existing code, there needs to be a way to hook into things. The best way to do this would be with events.   Microsoft has already had great success doing this with Nav. Right now you can make many modifications by only creating new objects and connecting things to existing events.

So if you want to get a jump on Project “Maderia”, I would suggest turning any existing modifications you have in NAV to be fully event based. This way when we do get our hands on the new product you should hopefully be able to plug in your extensions with little work.

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