Creating a Wizard with Workflows 1/2

With the flexibility with workflows I thought it might be possible to make a wizard that the user could change without dev involvement. This could be used if you have a wizard that all your clients use, but all want slightly different modifications.  We aren’t going to use the standard wizard page. Instead we are going to use a simple card page type with multiple sections. Our workflow will hide and show the sections accordingly as the user progresses through the wizard. There are some limitations to this wizard. The user will only be able to go forward. Going back and forth would mess cause major issues with the workflow.

First we need a new table that we can control with our workflow. This table will decide what section we are currently on and possibly any other modifications to the page parts.


Next, lets add all the steps and responses that we are going to need. We will need two steps and one response. The two steps are when the page opens and when the next button is pressed. For our two steps they will look something like this:


For our response we need to give it an option. This option is the page part that should be shown next. All the response is going to do is set the current section on our new table. This way when we refresh the page it will know what part to show.


We will of course need to setup all the other workflow items, step/ response combinations and step order.

In the next part we will look at making the page and setting up the workflow.

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