Debugging Workflows with Step IDs

Getting a Little Complex?

If you have been messing around with making workflows, you know it can sometimes get a little messy. This happens a lot when you start moving your steps and responses around. There is an easy way to get a better understanding on how your workflow flows. By exposing the event step IDs.


You can do this by adding two columns on the Workflow Subpage (page 1502). The “Event Step ID” and the “Previous Workflow Step ID”. With these two columns you can more easily follow what will happen after what. To make things even easier you can add a column to the “Workflow Response FactBox”.


Once you have this extra information you can see how a step flows to the responses and then flows back to the next step. Below is the base customer approval workflow. As you can see most steps have the same “Previous Workflow Step ID”. This means that any one of these could happen after the the responses from the first step are done.


If a step has a previous ID of 0, it means that it is the very first step in the workflow. You probably don’t need to display this information all the time. Especially don’t want users to see this, as it might confuse them. ¬†Although if you are working with large multi-step, multi-layer workflows, seeing the inner workings could be a big benefit when you are moving the steps around.


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