Dynamics Nav Connection Lost Error

While I was preparing for my next few tutorial posts, I came across a very strange error.


Now I have seen this error multiple times before. Usually because I forgot to turn the service back on after a change. But this time it was different.

This error only happened to me when I was running the new page I was working on. So seeing this error, I tried restarting my service multiple times, and a bunch of other tasks related to the connection to the Nav server. Of course this error has nothing to do with Nav’s connection to the server. The error was in a property of a Group.


What I was trying to do, is set the visibility of a group based on a field of a global record. Now this seems like something that Nav could do. It compiled fine. But apparently during run time, Nav does some really weird stuff.

To fix this issue you can simply create a global variable on the page and assign the field to the variable. Then use the variable instead of the record in the property.

Just something to keep in mind when messing with properties of objects. As the error is not descriptive of the problem at all you could be spending lots of wasted time on it. (Like I just did) This error happens in 2016, not to sure if this also happens in previous version of Nav as well.


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